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They are the same as on the forum, so I'll just copy/paste if anyone forgets or something (I'm so nice! :la:)

1. Please no arguing/fighting.

2. If you're going to quit, please let me know.

3.NO Mary Sues/Gary Stus

to the point where your OC is completely unstoppable
to the point where they're loved by every single person ever
no being able to take away all god powers or any kind of power
No super quick killing if a villain arrives with evil intentions
:iconlaplz: Moderaters- if you notice any of the characters that act like a Mary/Gary sue, tell them about it, and if they refuse to fix them, let me ( TheFanOfNintendo ) know.

Note: If you need help to make sure your OC is mary/gary sue/stu we can help you with that.

4. Yaoi/Yuri IS allowed. :)

5. Alrighty, this one I've gotten questions about. The dominant style to roleplay here Script format. If you can, please try to use the script format style. If you're on mobile or on something that messes the spaces up, you can use story format. Highly recommend that script format is used when roleplaying.

6. Joking around is fine AS LONG as NO ONE gets hurt. If someone is offended, you MUST apologize to them and not do it again. We respect everyone's opinions and feelings and we DON'T tolerate bullying.

7. If there is an action going on on this roleplay, do NOT suddenly end it. For example, if characters are getting sick due to a sickness going around from someone's idea, you cannot have your character already have a healing potion that will make that infected character feel better and don't make the character make the potion "quickly" (like it's all finished in one-two comments)

8. No godmodding or mini-modding!

9. Keep this T rated. This means:

No groaning/moaning for sexual contact.
No uncensored sex scenes

10. NO Self Inserts UNLESS it's in the appropriate topic. There are other topics where you can be all random over in those topics, but not in RP topics.

11. If you're going to lock this topic, give me a reason why you did it, other wise, don't lock this topic up please.

12. NO ignoring each other.

13: Okay, so...I'm going to allow certain curse words uncensored. Those words are Hell, Damn, Piss, and ass (Most of these words are either mild or can be used as a non-curse word)...also, you guys should know what's an innocent word and what's a swear word. Now, if people are using uncensored curse words that should be censored, then I will add the filter and I'm sure most of you hate filtered words. If you're not sure if a certain word should be censored or not, you can PM me ( TheFanOfNintendo ) about it.

14. Do not change these rules here unless I say otherwise

15. No doing the same stuff in two topics at once! For example, if there is stuff currently going on in the alternate world, it is NOT also going on in other topics. There will be a few exceptions to this, but try not to do this.

16. I strongly recommend when you are RPing, you do not erase any of your OC's memory for the forum. Why? Because it can mess a lot of stuff up for other players especially if you paired your OC up with someone else's OC. Now, it is YOUR oc so you can do whatever you want with your OCs and I'm not forcing anything out of this.

17. No Metagaming!

18. Male pregnancy is allowed. :) I don't want to hear that it's "not possible" cause guess what? In reality, neither is magic.

19. NO SCAMMING! It is a serious problem and I will NOT tolerate ANY form of this.

These actions will take place if the rules are broken-

First offense-Warning
Second offense-Boot for 24 hours
Third offense-Boot for 48 hours
Fourth offense-Boot for 72 hours
Fifth offense- Permanent boot

Okay! Now...are there any different rules here you may ask? Right now, no, but I'll probably add some soon. You guys are allowed to post pics of your OCs to this group. :)
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Jan 23, 2014


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